Seminar Sponsorship & Fundraising

Sponsorship means to live cooperations. Together with marketing and press activities cultural projects can attain quite new effect dimensions. How can the partners strengthen each other? How can the right message about the cooperation be transmitted to the  customers and to the public? So we have to understand sponsorship also as a marketing and communication instrument. A very important asset for successful sponsorship is also to tune the marketing activities and the press work.

With donation campaigns and memberships Fundraising offers possibilities to support cultural institutions and projects actively. Especially for special projects this kind of work can be very successful and gives also a lot of opportunities to build up a very close relationship to devotees of an institution or project.

Seminar Sponsorship & Fundraising

The seminar turns to all prospective customers who want to use the chances and possibilities of Sponsorship and Fundraising actively, who want to create themselves Sponsorship concepts and realize Fundraising campaigns.

Aims and contents

  • Basic concepts on the subject Sponsorship
  • Patronage / Sponsorship / Fundraising
  • Competence distribution in cultural institutions and business concerns
  • Spheres of action – where and how sponsors can be found
  • Aims of Sponsorship
  • Target group analysis
  • Sponsorship analysis of business companies
  • Sponsorship analysis of cultural institutions
  • Sponsorship as a communication instrument
  • Sponsorship as an instrument of the Customer Relationship Management
  • Sponsorship as a marketing instrument
  • Signs specific for section & possibilities of the sponsorship
  • Sponsorship means partnership
  • Sponsors and promotion material
  • Sponsorship contracts
  • Sponsorship as a part of project financing
  • Tax aspects
  • The sponsorship pyramid - to show the right relationships
  • Sponsorship concepts
  • The sponsorship conversation
  • Win-Win-Win-Situations
  • Sponsor association – concepts & structures
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Experience in practice
  • Evaluation and assessment of the sponsorship activities
  • Individual coaching
  • Using practical abilities and skills


  • Talks
  • Self-study (bibliographical reference)
  • Single work and group work (concept development)
  • Presentation (case studies)
  • Role plays
  • Discussion
  • Best Practice Analysis

Time: 2 weeks

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; 5 – 8.30pm

1. week - theoretical bases, Best Practice Analysis, self-study

2. week - group work, discussion, presentation

Price on application

Maximum participant number: 12


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