Seminars & Lectures

Knowledge and education are fundamental rights for every person. Learning is a survival strategy and knowledge is a very important integration factor.

 The huge number of positive experiences in the area of art, culture & economy as well as in the cultural management motivated Christian Vranek to take lessons. Cultural managers should make things possible. The participants of the seminars are made close with the challenges of the modern cultural buisness and are educated further efficiently and individually. The limited participant's number of 6 to max. 12 people offers ideal conditions for that. 

Already during his study time at the university Christian Vranek held lectures with the aim to inspire people for art and culture. His studies at the University of Vienna and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna encouraged him to transmit his knowledge and his experiences.

In 2006 an invitation of the 'ebam academy' occurred to teach sponsorship and fundraising as well as new media. In 2007 Christian Vranek was invited as a representative of Austria to the Sakai Academy in Cairo to teach Cultural Marketing, Sponsorship and Fundraising. In February 2009 Christian Vranek was invited to teach Cultural Marketing and Sponsorship at the American University in Cairo.

Christian Vranek´s key competence in art and business, forms the base to give an understanding to the participants in the field of cultural management in all its facets – very authentically and in the reality oriented. It is the huge number of business trips to the USA, Iran, Central Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa and the experience with these cultures, which enrich Christian Vranek´s seminars.

The cultural management seminars are directed to people with leadership potential in the public and private sector from art, culture and economy: Leading employees from the areas of marketing, communication, public relations, distribution, sponsorship, fundraising, advertisement as well as companies, freelancers and to institutionally anchored people.

The most important condition for the successful participation in the offered cultural management seminars is the readiness to personal advancement.




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