Program creation

The development of art and cultural programs is one of the big challenges for ambitious partners from art, culture and economy. The program quality forms the base of the cooperation of cultural marketing, sponsorship and public relations. Art offers participation possibilities and creates a climate of openness. The exchange and the combination of new ideas and knowledge lead to raised creativity and innovation strength. For regions art is an important location factor. Art reaches the emotional level of the person, can pick out as a central theme unspoken, opens new perspectives and forms a medium for meetings and an open dialogue.

1. Step – analysis

  • Basic conditions
  • Cultural order
  • Artistic aims
  • Venues
  • Sociological Analysis
  • Financial basic conditions

2. Step – concept

  • Temporal concept
  • Program creation
  • Program length
  • Program broadness
  • Program depth
  • Choice of the artists
  • Program choice
  • Policy on prices
  • Cooperations
  • Supporting programmes
  • Social component
  • Budgeting
  • Service

3. Step – realisation

4. Step – evaluation and assessment of the marketing activities

  • Analysis
  • Refinement

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