Cultural Marketing

Cultural Marketing, Public Relations and Sponsorship are key competences especially in cultural business. For companies the engagement for art and culture offers exciting perspectives, outside the traditional areas of marketing. Art wakes up emotions and stimulates the dialogue of people. For artists and cultural companies marketing can multiply the artistic success. Professional cultural marketing leads to a huge number of Win-Win-Win-Situations.

1. Step - Analysis

  • Discover new connections between art, culture, media and economy
  • Develop new activity fields
  • Basic conditions
  • Methods for successful cultural marketing
  • Target group analysis
  • Cooperation management of cultural companies and business companies

2. Step - Concept

  • Program politics
  • Strategy development
  • Cross Culture Communication
  • Brand politics
  • Marketing concepts
  • Pricing policy
  • Budgeting

3. Step - Realisation

  • Marketing activities
  • Branding

4. Step - Evaluation and assessment of the marketing activities

  • Project analysis
  • New ideas and refinement of the activities

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