Mission & Vision

CULTURE CREATES VALUES understands itself as a mission to encourage art and culture, for the refinement and enrichment of social environments, the transmission of knowledge and know how, as a motivation to realise new art and cultural projects.

Art, creativity, innovation and education are extremely important factors for the development of a society. In many countries all over the world there are very bad surrounding circumstances for art and culture. Cultural Management know how can help to strengthen this so important values. Art and Culture are the base of every society. The upgrading of cultures is the base for a positive dialogue. The art is free, animates a society immensely and creates places for dialogues. To live these visions is an order of our age and also a vision for a peaceful life in the future. To handle diversity, also in the reality of societies, is probably the largest challenge in a globalized world.

So it is a huge challenge to develop best practice examples forming the future. The present offers in addition many perspectives. More than ever, ambitious cooperations are asked between different partners from art, politics and economy to create values. This Homepage gives an impression about the portfolio of Christian Vranek Culture Creates Values.

The main competences of Christian Vranek Culture Creates Values are to create art and culture, consulting and management, as well as the mediation of know how and educational offers.

Esprit, openness, quality, effective communication and marketing, combined with professional management are the credo of Christian Vranek for realizing art & cultural projects successfully - to create values. 


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