Seminar Public Relations & Press

Public Relations are an effective, inexpensive and efficient tool to raise the success of cultural projects. The internet technology has brought a change to the culture of communication. A perfect press release is the key for successful press work. It should help the media to deal with the information. So it is a rule to send in a short form the main content about a project at first. Professional press work is a requirement for continuous media presence, which is also a very important asset to win new sponsors and partners for business.

Seminar PR & press

The seminar turns to prospective customers who want to develop or professionalize their press activities.

Aims and Contents

  • Press work in the age of new media
  • Knowledge of basic structures
  • Differentiation forms of media
  • Communication cultures in the age of new media
  • Press work as a service
  • Bases of the communication theory
  • Basic pattern of the communication (verbally, non-verbally)
  • Communication levels (socially, cognitive, emotionally)
  • Sensitisation for communicative effect courses
  • Models of different communication situations
  • Cross Culture Communication
  • Reflexion of successful communication
  • Internal & external communication
  • Media relations
  • Image and relation management
  • Examples of efficient press work
  • The perfect press release
  • Experience in practice
  • Strategic Communication
  • Dramaturgy, planning and conversion
  • Media aesthetics
  • New media & culture, incl. on-line Public Relations
  • Media cooperations
  • Evaluation and assessment of the activities
  • Individual Coaching
  • Motivation to independent press work
  • Using practical abilities and skills


  • Talks
  • Group work (project development)
  • Discussion
  • Self-study (bibliographical reference)
  • Individual text training
  • Role plays
  • Presentation (case studies)
  • Best Practice Analysis


Time: 2 weeks

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; 5 – 8.30pm

1. week - theoretical bases, Best Practice Analysis, self-study

2. week - group work, discussion, presentation

Price on application

Maximum participant number: 12

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