Seminar Cultural Marketing

Cultural marketing promotes the development and the success of cultural projects via communication and management – applied creativity develops successfully.

Cultural Marketing has to strengthen and compress the quality of the contents of a project. It is a matter of reaching potential prospective customers and target groups. Generally customers should be cared for first-class. To provide qualities, to wake up interest and to make desire for art and culture - professional cultural marketing is moreover a very important asset.

The seminar is directed at executives and employees from cultural companies and business concerns as well as public institutions.  <s></s>

Seminar cultural marketing

Aims and contents

  • Appropriation of basic concepts
  • Typology and specifics of cultural institutions and business companies
  • Modern connections of art, culture, media and economy
  • Creation instruments of cultural marketing (incl. new media)
  • Basic conditions of marketing
  • Development of new activities
  • Methods for successful cultural marketing
  • Cooperation management of cultural companies and business concerns
  • Win-Win-Win-Situations
  • Experience in practice
  • Strategy development
  • Benchmarking
  • Cross Culture Communication
  • Marketing concepts
  • Program politics
  • Price & distribution politics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Budgeting
  • Brand education & brand politics
  • Procurement marketing – watch seminar Sponsorship & Fundraising
  • Planning and implementation
  • How to create promotion material (planning, design, realisation)
  • Evaluation of marketing activities
  • Basic rules of communication (including e-mail)
  • Public relations – watch seminar PR & press
  • Complaint management
  • Problem solutions
  • Relaunches
  • Lobbying
  • Motivation to independent project work
  • Individual Coaching
  • Using practical abilities and skills



Group work (project development)


Presentation (case studies)

Self-study (bibliographical reference)

Best Practice Analysis


Time: 2 weeks

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; 5 – 8.30pm

1. week - theoretical bases, Best Practice Analysis, self-study

2. week - group work, discussion, presentation

Price on application

Maximum participants number: 12


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