Public Relations & Press

Public Relations and press work
are important keys for success

The new internet technologies have also brought a huge change for the media. Nowadays news agencies have to deal with a great number of information. Press releases should be structured very short and clear. To find the way in the media the content has to be interesting and serious.

Press work is also a service for media!

If you can report essentials in a refreshing short form, you have good chances to attain media attantion. When required, detailed background information should be also available for journalists. Public Relations and Press work are important tools - effective, inexpensive and efficient to raise the success of cultural projects.

The following points are generally important
for efficient press work in the age of new media:

  • Perfect Press Releases
  • Professional photos
  • Strategic communication –
    Dramaturgy, planning and conversion
  • Communication cultures in the age of new media
  • Cross Culture Communication
  • Media contacts
  • Time Management
  • Relationship management
  • Media cooperation
  • Evaluation and assessment of the activities

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