Achievements for art, culture and economy

An attractive program, Cultural Marketing, Sponsorship and Public Relations should lead to the optimum development of art and cultural projects. Art and culture create unmistakeable values. All these domains interact together. The following challenges position themselves:

  • How can we develop new strategies?
  • How can we develop our activities?
  • How can we inspirit our festival or our cultural programme?
  • How can we achieve new audience?
  • How can we fascinate interesting artists?
  • How can we win the right partners for our projects?
  • How can we find the right institutions for network?
  • How can we find new public?
  • How can we interest new target groups?
  • How can we awake attention in the media?
  • How can we increase our values?
  • How do we awake emotions and experiences for our customers?
  • How can we develop Customer Relationship Management?
  • How do we reach our aims?

Culture Creates Values offers management & consulting for art, cultural institutions and business companies, and accompanies the successful concept and conversion of program, marketing, communication & sponsorship strategies.