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Vienna, MAK – Austrian Museum of
Applied Arts / Contemporary Art


Sunday, 29. January 1995, 7.30pm



Hans Kupelwieser

Introduction speaches:

Hans Kupelwieser, Andreas Heidu, Andreas Rodler, Christian Vranek

Music program:

Andreas Rodler (sha.): Soundinstalation, Premiere
Space l´and sCaPe: trans-format(i)on
für virtuelle streich-, blas- und kürzere momente
drei schnitt zu neun – dreizehn und vierzehneinhalb minuten:

...von trugberg -  ...auf jungfrau - ...und mönch

Guidance by the exhibition

Hans Kupelwieser

-- Break --

Andreas Heidu (Vergil Sharkya´):
Times Square Mandala, Premiere
Ensemble Penelope Danza:
Andreas Heidu, Electric Guitars & Live Electronics
Bernd Oberlinniger, Electric Guitars & Live Electronics
Gerhard Kropej, Midi Percussion & Turntables

Markus Waldner: sound engineering

The installation 'Staumauer' of Hans Kupelwieser, which consists of 168 metal heads, formed the aesthetic starting point in the big exhibition hall of the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art by the art evening 'Transformat(i)on'. And so the technical possibility of the repetition in the electric-acoustic music built the inspiration point for the commissioned compositions of Andreas Rodler (sha.) und Andreas Heidu (Vergil Sharkia). During the break of the concert the artist Hans Kuppelwieser led personally by his exhibition.


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