Art & Projects

The individual and creative development of human beings manifests itself in the art. Art with all her forms and disciplines is an important seismograph for societies.

Art shows what people are concerning about.  Art reaches mind, heart and soul and is a valuable elixir of life.

Christian Vranek creates, develops and curates art projects. An essential aspect of his work is to show new perspectives of apparently close realities: Thus Arnold Schönberg's music sounded not in a traditional concert hall, but in the Viennese Secession in a space installation of Roland Göschl. Schostakowitschs music was confronted with the partly monumental art of Sergei Bugaev Afrika and built the program for an evening about art and ideology.

The concert cycle ‘Musical Adventure Central Europe’ was founded as a contribution to the EU enlargement of 2004 and showed the cultural connection between the countries in Central Eastern Europe, because music can be a mediator between people and cultures beyond all political and language borders. The concerts of ‘Music Adventure Central Europe` promoted young musicians and found new sponsors for their education.

The photo-exhibition 'Mozart in Vienna – selected scenes from his life', based on Mozart’s letters and was realized at original places. Christian Vranek directed less known impressions of Mozart´s life in Vienna, in the very exciting age of enlightenment, and all that in todays context - the 21st century.

CULTURE CREATES VALUES understands itself as a mission for art and culture, for the refinement and enrichment of social environments, as a motivation to realize new art and cultural projects.